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Milo's First Birthday!

It might be two months after the fact, but here's an excerpt from Milo's journal on his birthday:

"Happy Birthday, Son! We spent a lovely afternoon with a few dear, close friends and family for your first party and enjoyed watching you chase the other kids. Alice 'helped' you open presents and everyone had fun playing with them. You liked them all. We stripped you down for cake time and sang you 'Happy Birthday' after which you played with your cupcake more than ate it. It. Was. EVERYWHERE. You got an impromptu bath in the downstairs bathroom sink :D 

It was so lovely to be gathered around our table chatting, the afternoon sun pouring through the windows, pumpkin scones and their remnants piled on dainty dishes around the table, everyone happily sipping coffee. Your birthday smelled like pumpkin and spices and espresso and it was a beautiful warm fall day.

After people trickled out, I put you in pajamas and gave you some nursing time. You didn't nap -

who sleeps on their birthday? - but you became a drowsily contented baby in my arms.

Aunt Lynnie stayed and washed dishes - a present to me  - and the Groves stayed for fresh homemade pizza for supper. After much catching up and even more dishes, they said goodbye and I carried you to the land of dreams.

It was a big day, and a good one.

You may not have had invitations or decorations or a long guest list, but Milo, it was so full of love and cheer, you lacked for nothing. Less is more, which is sometimes best.

We love you so much, dear one.

Happy Birthday.




Pumpkin Scones

(recipe here)


Gramma Alice and Papa Milo gave you this, and it's pretty perfect since she drove bus for 17 years :)


You rocked your new drum! Your daddy and I wanted to get you something you could bang on.

Janie & Jack hat from your Godmommy



wary of the theatrics

everywhere I tell you!

Thank you, Angela, for sharing chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting - a much easier thing to dismantle than a scone.

fresh and clean


Milos looking at Milos

Thank you for celebrating with us and for showering our little Milo with gifts - you made his first birthday a special one :)

And thank you, Angela, for taking pictures of the present-opening and post-bath cuddles! It's nice to be in a few photos :)

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Paint + Coffee + Light

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