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Alice + Mama | A Coffee Date

Alice + Mama | A Coffee Date

We celebrated not one, not two, but three birthday parties last weekend! Whew!!!

After a whirlwind of balloon light-sabers, piñata-whacking, ballet hula hooping, and an onslaught of confectionery delights with friends new and old, Alice and I decided to take a break at our favorite watering hole - the Starbucks of 87th and Pacific. (Comfy leather chairs and a cozy ambiance make this our go-to family coffee destination.)

Our tiny dancer colored in her Hello Kitty activity book and ordered her very own blueberry muffin with a $2 bill from her envelope of Cookie Money that Papa Bear surprises her with every so often, and I settled down with a Smoked Butterscotch Latte and my new treasure trove of a book, Design Mom, (such a practical and inspirational read! Seriously, go buy it!!) Took the Sigma 35mm Art for a spin - that crisp focus has me swooning - and documented our little tête-à-tête of fun, Mother-Daughter style.

For the new and uninitiated, this is how we roll...

just so

Thank you for the blue-sequined tiara, Mila!

solo water mission

She is so big, and such a little lady!


sugar coma: highly likely

"Anything left in there?"

"Good, because I'm gonna drink it."

Love, love, love this little girl of mine :D

Milo the Kid

Milo the Kid

Painting | A House-Warming Gift

Painting | A House-Warming Gift