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Foyer + Gray | A Makeover

Foyer + Gray | A Makeover

Oh, Khaki.

Khaki is a fine color - really! -'s not for me.

So far, we have been able to paint every room but the upstairs bathroom since moving in, so that warm, boring brown has almost been completely vanquished.

I'd been meaning to paint the foyer for ages, and I finally had enough of my other projects wrapped up to focus on it. It took two of Milo's naps to complete, but with some leftover paint from this project, it was free and fast.

Khaki be gone!



Two new coat racks means I have storage for guests as well as my small arsenal of camera bags!

I don't care a fig about Coach or Prada - give me Langly and ONA any day of the week :)

Cheers to making things new and you!

Painting | A House-Warming Gift

Painting | A House-Warming Gift

Lady Alice & the Magnifying Glass

Lady Alice & the Magnifying Glass