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Have Courage and Be Kind | A Painting

Have Courage and Be Kind | A Painting

The first time I saw the new Cinderella movie with my BFF Sarah (we're kindred spirits of the deepest level, especially when it comes to books and flights of fancy), I just about died of happiness.

Not literally, but I was seriously elated for the longest time

. The colors! The innocent romance! The acting! The songs! I was smitten with it from beginning to end, and knew I wanted Alice to grow up seeing it, especially because of this little phrase: "Have courage and be kind." What a marvelous anthem to live by!

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I discovered this adorable print on Pinterest. As soon as I saw it I immediately wanted to have it painted on an old spare canvas sitting in my studio, just waiting for new life. (It used to be this painting.)

As you know, painting something verbatim is painful for me (remember the turtle?), but this design with it's colors and wreath of flora and beautiful gold script were worth the efforts required.

Here's the task, from blank beginning to glorious end...


My mom was so nice and printed off the design for me so I could paint from it.


Spray painted a nice splotch of gold for the middle.

free-hand typography sketch

a few layers of white

coffee + paint



They're not exactly the same, but close enough.

Translating graphic design to painting is challenging, but worth the end result!


A gallery wall for Alice!

Feels so whimsical :)

Sandwiched the canvas between gold frames to tie in the metallic look.

Have courage and be kind.


Lady Alice & the Magnifying Glass

Lady Alice & the Magnifying Glass

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