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March | 2016

March | 2016

“For spring is just around the corner and I have forgotten everything but gladness.” 
― L.M. Montgomery, Emily Climbs

I get rather sentimental over the ever-moving seasons, but Spring wakes me up all the way to my bones. What a lightness the warmer air, birdsong, green, unfurling things brings! And we have had a remarkably pleasant one so far, venturing out into the blossoms and buds, catching the sun and sweet smells.

This March, we were hard at work and hard at play, mending things around the house, making new art, sipping coffee, and rambling about. 

Here's a peek into our tiny, unfolding world...

Alice in Wonderland

Discovered this beautiful amethyst tutu at a consignment shop. Of course we had to take it out for a spin :) Post to come.

Milo the Mess Maker

Sometimes he eats, mostly he smears. Oh, Son, you are a gift. Full post here.

Bibbers & Button-Downs

These two are just adorable in their duds. Post to come!

Mama & Milo

Alice's afternoon quiet time, usually spent watching a show and lounging on the couch - pants optional :)

Ruffles always give me trouble after the first wash and I can't stand the thought of pressing children's clothes - cue: needle and thread. I pulled out my gear and hand-sewed the pretties down. No more flippy ruffles!

A new layout and a few additions to the playroom gallery wall. It's always growing! Full post to come.

Alice aka "Katarina Kitty Cat"

What do you get when you combine a thrifted tutu dress, kitty ears, and a whole lotta personality? This girl. Full post here.

And what do you get with a blue-eyed ginger streaking around in an emerald diaper on St. Patty's Day? The cutest little leprechaun you ever did see! (Full post here.)


Coffee, mocha espresso buttercream macaroons, and deep conversation with a friend...a most marvelous way to spend many an afternoon.

Somewhat frequently, The Mister has to work a night to do IT maintenance, but this means I'm a stranded mama who has been MAMA allllldayyyyylonnnnnng without reprieve. Not hard, but it is mentally so daunting to me that I finally broke down and begged our neighbor and bestie to come partake in dinner with us so we had company (read: another adult). Not only did she agree to come, but she brought noodles and salad and cookies, made dinner, watched the kids so I could make a fast grocery run and did the dishes. !!! Rebekah, what would we do without you? I don't care to know, that's what.

p.s. this guy loved spaghetti. It may have been his first time...

Another Beka gift...she turned my leftover mocha buttercream into Swedish sandwich cookies by slathering and smooshing them together! Mmmmmm.

Finally bought a membership to our beloved zoo! HOORAY!!!

Ordered these kid-sized wooden hangers for the renovated dress-up area in the Narnia closet. Photos to come!

A surprise - my Spring/Summer wardrobe is in the making...!!! Found these beautiful vintage patterns on Etsy and am waiting on fabric swatches to arrive.

Prisma pencils, silk thread, Posy the bear, and flowery designs by Rifle Paper Co. - so many beautiful things all in one photo!

Easter Alice & Milo :) Full post here.

I was asked to play photographer at Assure Women's Center's Annual Fundraising Dinner where Ben Stein was the keynote big deal! The Mister and I were gifted tickets and seating up front. It was such a beautiful night, the message was mobilizing and the flowers moving. There were thousands, and all colors meant something.

The pink ones represented the baby girls whose mommies chose life. Blue for the boys. Yellow for those whose gender is unknown, white for those miscarried...and 300+ for those whose lives were ended. It just cuts you to the heart knowing they each stood for a hard decision and a life lost. They would never get to breathe or run or cry or love. My heart breaks for the life that could have been and for the mommy who felt she couldn't. There are so many hard situations and lonely places - let's always make sure we're building community with those around us so someone never feels fearful or judged or alone. Be Jesus with skin on today.

simple pleasures

Over the last year I have been collecting antique versions of L.M. Montgomery's Anne series and what a lovely language she speaks! I feel so refreshed after walking through her pages. Managed to uncover the last couple still missing in the spiderweb that is Ebay :)

Oscar Wilde was on to something, but I would substitute in coffee.

"With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?"

This beautiful new vessel came to live with us and is right at home becoming the preferred kitchen workhorse. French presses are wonderful.

coffee time

This is how we roll...


Another tray of delight. Enjoying the new rustic table The Mister built us out of reclaimed deck wood. Outdoor parties are just a couple of benches away...

Daffodils, dear friends, and is sweet :)

I spy...Yellow! Couldn't help myself :)

Also, I launched a new company! The SIFTED Life has been my heart child of the last few months and am so happy to finally share what I've been up to. Ready to sift your life? Check it out here.

The Mister tried his hand at Chocolate & Coffee Figgy Pudding - 'twas delightful.

Doodles & Drawings

These two love making a mess - I mean, art (but seriously though, am I a terrible parent for always having a reason to not get out every crayon, pencil and paintbrush? So much work...) - post to come :)

watercolors & dots

One morning I opened the art drawer and was so excited about the light hitting the paint splatters I immediately reached for my camera. Happy moments!

How was your March?

Bibbers & Button-Downs

Bibbers & Button-Downs

The SIFTED | Life

The SIFTED | Life