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2204 Jackson Street | Blair, NE

2204 Jackson Street | Blair, NE


For the last seven years, 2204 Jackson Street has been our home - and a wonderful one - but…we’re moving to the farm! Five acres and farmsteading are calling us to a new season of life, and so, our time here is coming to an end. I will miss the high ceilings, the impeccably timeless trim, the way the light falls through each room during the course of a day, secret little nooks, the fenced in garden where the little ones play and the mister grows things for us to eat. And most of all, the front porch. Rocking in the breeze, the light sweet scent of honey milkweed vine wrapping around you, porch curtains undulating in dappled light, waving to a neighbor walking by. Yes, it’s been the best home, and we hope a new family will love it just as much as we have.

2,140 sq ft

4 bedrooms (+walk-in closets)


2 baths (1 full)

10,385 sq ft lot size

2.5 car garage

Unfinished basement




This gem will officially be on the market in September - check in to see when our first open house will be!!

Since our arrival, the house has a new roof, siding, windows, privacy fence, deck, pergola, AC, furnace, garage doors and openers, paint in every room, ceiling fans, piping from the top floor to the basement, a gas fireplace, as well as kitchen updates.

To the next family who owns this home, we’re already praying for you. I made you a map of the paint in each room so you would know just what we used when you need a touch up. I made a map of the front gardens so you know a little behind the secret of bulbs that will enchant you in the spring. I’ve cleaned and painted every bit so you can feel refreshed upon nesting. The soil and garden beds have been nurtured with love and compost, and the raspberries will grow on their own for you to enjoy - our love note and legacy to you and yours.


the Halls

Come on in and stay awhile…

Welcome home.

Think it might be The One and can’t wait for an open house?


Note: Buyer pays all agent fees. Bring at your discretion.

Dandelion Brushdrawing

Dandelion Brushdrawing