Alice the Pixie

A couple of Saturdays ago, Alice and I went in for our haircuts with The Hair Goddess, Rebecca Forsyth at Bungalow 8, and it marked Alice's official milestone of First Real Haircut. She's nearly four so it's about time! Her hair is wispy and fine and has taken forever to grow in. I gave her a little cut a year ago, but there was no denying such a mullet and mohawk run wild - the child needed a professional. We left the boys at home and embarked on our exciting trip. Why so exciting, you ask? Number 1. M&Ms. Copious amounts of them. In addition to the beverage of your choice, Bungalow 8 perches a glorious glass canister full of the goodies with a scoop on their front counter. Number 2. It's Bungalow 8 - hello! Such a gorgeously glam and contemporary space. A little NYC oasis in the middle of Omaha. Number 3: Rebecca. She's the bees knees and was so good with Alice and she's the only one I trust with my long locks.

While I sat in the chair for my thrice yearly cut, Alice was happily occupied in the seat next to me with candy, crayons, and coloring books.

And then it was Alice's turn! Keep scrolling to see her first experience at a salon.

Thank you, Rebecca, for making Alice's first time so fun! You're just the best, as always.

Before: mop-top and M&M mouth

addressing the party in the front and party in the back

After: pixie chic princess

You did great, Alice!