Alice the Preschooler

The sun came up golden this morning. A mellow breeze rifled through the house and scattered lazy shadows of branches across our carpet. Today is the day. Alice is officially a preschooler. That long legged creature still dozing under her covers is about to start a completely new chapter. How? How have four years passed so quickly? Where did our Little Bear with the round head and sticky-outie ears go? When did she start sneaking books to bed so she could stay up and marvel over pictures and whisper narrations quietly to herself? When did she become such a master negotiator?? 

Daddy took the day off and we had cookies & cappuccinos for breakfast, packed her first lunch (in her darling new lunchbox from Old Navy!), attempted a few photos with an uncooperative little brother, walked in and hung up her affects, found her spot (next to a favorite friend, Levi!), met her teacher, and said goodbyes. We hugged our girl tight and told her we loved her and left her happily slicing thick rounds of orange play dough with nary a glance back. Oh, Alice, childhood just keeps getting more fun.

Heartland Christian Preschool, you've got quite the personality sitting in your seats! Take good care of our girl. She's more precious than jewels.

Here's a quick peek at Alice the Preschooler ready for a new adventure...

Can't wait to hear all of those stories...:)

Target dress (thank you, Aunt Lynnie!) | GAP kitty ears | saltwater sandals | Herschel Supply Co. Backpack | Old Navy Lunch Bag