Archetype Coffee X The Big Garden | Omaha, Nebraska

Iced chai & a quiet coffee shop - the perfect respite on a balmy 100° evening in the Blackstone District. Milo break-danced on Archetype's hardwood floors while Alice vacillated between deadpan indifference to the heights of hilarity. Those kitty-tipped sunnies and straw hat just add to the flavor of her personality. And those legs! (Did anyone see that primary triadic color scheme with the chambray, red sandals and ochre-hued fedora??? I'm all heart eyes...)

Refreshed, we went for a salami-white cheddar-fruit picnic at daddy's work and then headed up to The Big Garden for a workshop on building pollinator habitats in your backyard. Bugs are incredibly important to the health of your garden, so creating spaces where they can safely thrive is a huge benefit...not to mention fun! During the demo, they gave the kids butterfly wings to decorate with markers and then we split up to arrange/cram our ventilated boxes with twigs, bamboo, straw, cornstalks, rolled cardboard, pine cones, and all manner of biodegradable materials that would induce insects to nest there. 

After the new bug homes were created, we went for a tour of the sheds and gardens (they build and teach gardening all over Omaha!) and found inspiration to grow some new plants. Alice picked clovers in the golden sunlight and Milo puttered around after daddy.

They have a Nature Camp this summer for ages 3-7 that teaches kids about wild salads, herbal remedies and creatures of the garden...can't wait to go back!

Omaha, we love you. XOXO The Halls