A Birthday Tutu

July 24th dawned warm and grey, and as a new four year old, Alice was permitted to dress herself for our birthday extravaganza date. Naturally, she chose a bedazzled tutu, accessories to the hilt...and pig tails. 

Aunt Lynnie came to watch Milo for the day so we could take the birthday girl out for a special time. First we hit up Half Price Bookstore where we sold a small stack of old books so she could earn a few dollars to buy a new one. Our friend Katie works there and surprised Alice with a $5 gift card so she got two new books to read! A Princess Sophia board book for the car and a beautifully illustrated Alice in Wonderland book. Thank you, Katie!

After that was a happy meal and hopping at a McDonald's play place. Alice made some new friends and traversed the tunnels, and then it was time to catch The Secret Life of Pets at The Majestic. (Reclining seats makes for cozy cuddling!) Picking up root beer at Target was next and the princess slept all the way back to Blair until we arrived at Scooter's for a coffee treat. The girls gave Alice a giant cup of whipped cream with caramel drizzle and pink sprinkles for the occasion :D

Once home, we ate a quick dinner before family came over to celebrate with root beer floats and cupcakes. Gramma Jo brought poppers from the recent holiday and the kids went out to toss them with a vengeance. Alice opened presents - books, play jewelry, new kitty ears, and a bike! - and then we lead the birthday girl to bed. It's exhausting being the birthday girl for a whole weekend ;)

Without further adieu, Alice in her birthday tutu...