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Dandelion Brushdrawing

Dandelion Brushdrawing


“You just dip the fuzzies in the paint, and then…” she trails off as she makes a dramatic swoop across the page, leaving a colorful line in its wake. “Dandelion brushdrawing!”

This girl. She is always inventing something, and I love her resourceful, creative spirit, wheels forever turning. The latest? Dandelion brushdrawing. Like, you literally go pick a dandelion and use it as a brush. Genius!

I asked Alice to demonstrate her idea one morning after the baby went down for a nap and here she is, painting a dandelion with a dandelion. Fitting, no?

We mixed two colors to keep it simple, grabbed a water jar, sturdy watercolor paper and a blanket. The rest was provided by nature and voila! Be sure to pick your dandelions at different stages for a variety of textures.

We hope this inspires you and your little ones to create with whatever you’ve got! *Bonus if you can compost it later.

Happy dandelion brushdrawing!

Minimalism in Motherhood

Minimalism in Motherhood