Deck the Halls | Year Five

This is the fifth Christmas in our home and every year it gets more magical because of the memories we're making with our littles. Christmas music, familiar ornaments, twinkly lights, mommy shouting "don't touch that!"...ahhhh, childhood. (But seriously though, I had at least half a dozen broken ones in Ornament Triage in the next room over awaiting super glue, thread, tape and ribbon...) 

Milo was famished and bouncing around underfoot in the kitchen, but Alice - my Christmas Elf Helper (who bedecked herself in green and gold for the occasion!) - helped me polish off the finishing touches.

Favorite moments? Standing on ballerina tippy toes to see. Peeking over at the matryoshka Santas. Her wardrobe. Love this little girl of ours :)