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Let’s be friends?

Flippers + Feathers + Fur

Flippers + Feathers + Fur

We enjoyed another fine field trip to our favorite zoo at the generous invitation of our dear friend, Angela. We each had a well-matched playmate - the mommy duo, Alice & Aaron, and Milo & Ethan.

(Do you ever feel like your play dates are more about the mommies getting to play than the kids? Story of my life!)

It was Friday, 54° and sunny, and full of friends - including those furry, finned, and feathered.

A glimpse of our day...

flippered friends

the Aquarium and tuxedo-ed torpedoes are our favorite and first stop

so happy!

Aaron & Alice


high five

Alice in the Jungle

Do you see the complimentary color scheme??? Too perfect :)

Ethan & Milo

Stroller buddies!

They don't know it yet, but they're going to be great pals someday.

Speaking of pals...

flash hug

Alice and Aaron hugged and held hands all day! It was so cute to see them be friends.

(Side note: my lens kept fogging up in the jungle, but I thought the effect was rather serendipitous!)

stop and smell the...exotic jungle flowers

B&W or color?

I liked them both too much to decide!

Thanks again, Groves, for a marvelous day!

And thank you, God, for the animals and warm January sunshine. We sure enjoy your creation.

Milo the Climber

Milo the Climber

January | 2016

January | 2016