Gold Frames & Calendar Illustrations | A Makeover

New art has turned into a quarterly event here at the Hall House and with my recent stash of beauties from Italy, I had to sprinkle them around my rooms. I had also been stockpiling gifted old frames for my Rifle Paper Co. Alice in Wonderland calendar illustrations (on sale now!) and finally busted them out to make them useful and pretty. 

Not having access to a mat-cutter anymore, I had to get creative. And then it dawned on me: I could sandwich the illustrations between two plates of glass and use the wall color as a "mat"! For the cost of the glass from our local place (Shotwell Glass - the best!) and some creative problem-solving/resourceful use of materials on hand, I rigged up a couple of stunners for our walls...

(Oh, and Milo helped :D)

Cheers to making things new & you!