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How to | French Press

How to | French Press

A few years ago I embraced a ritual of coffee every morning. The Mister's habits of slower living and espresso enjoyment finally won me over to the dream of being caffeinated, hands wrapped around a warm mug, steam and full aromas gently filling the air. Mmmmmmm.

After several months of using a beautiful white ceramic drip-cone and reusable hemp filter, I realized that it was a rather laborious task when I had guests over - which is frequent - and it took an exceptionally long time to make. I had my eye on a particularly beautiful copper french press by Bodum and swooning over it from afar was no longer sufficient - it had to come live with me, wink. And oh! What a joy it is!

It brews so much faster than a pour-over and it shines like a magnificently crafted little accessory on my counter when not in use. Win-win.

According to our resident coffee expert, there is a way to make your joe in the press, so here it is, in all it's gloriously documented detail.


Admire your vessel and revel in the anticipation of a well-brewed cup.

Use coarse grounds. We get ours from The Hill of Beans where you can buy them roasted or green. The Mister likes his of the verde variety to roast at home - in an old popcorn popper of all things. I go through it quick enough to have it ground fresh upon arrival. 

Aren't those copper mugs with porcelain inserts just darling??? Ultimate thrift store score - 4 for $5.


Pour simmering water over grounds, just enough to wet. Give it half a minute to bloom. (Yes, blooming is a thing. It gets foamy and grows and releases the most wonderful aroma. It might seem trivial, but this is a moment to fully enjoy - nay, bond - with your coffee.)


Pour the remainder of the water and let it steep for four minutes. For 32 g of grounds, add 16 oz of water. (The Mister is a borderline geek about measurements and insists on using a scale as well as the metric system. I have reluctantly acquiesced on this matter - and have mostly embraced the system. But I still prefer to eye-ball it.) 

Top with cap, turning the spout slats to the back of the glass. Plunge to just above the water line. Set a timer for 4 minutes.

Wait patiently. Good things are coming to you.


Ready the additions. I find that my tastes run to enjoying a little coffee with my cream and sugar. Heavy cream is a precious commodity in our house (we go through a half gallon per month - $9.99 at Costco!) and I feel like Buddy the Elf for saying this, but maple syrup instead of granulated sugar is The Best. It dissolves so much faster and lends a richer flavor. We go through quite a bit of it at la Casa de Hall. Alice asks for the last sip of my "ice cream coffee" and I can hardly correct her - that's just the way Mama rolls. Sin verguenza - no shame.


Plunge slowly and pour that nectar of the gods into a feel-good mug. 


(Optional - mostly)

Doll it up with afore mentioned goodies.


(Not optional)


How do you like your coffee? What routine could you elevate and celebrate more thoroughly? What little pleasures could you put more thought and care into in order to bring more joy to your day? Whatever it is, enjoy.


All photos by Elena Ogle

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