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January | 2016

January | 2016

“The thing is to become a master and in your old age to acquire the courage to do what children did when they knew nothing.”

- Henry Miller

January is full of fresh starts and big dreams for me, and this month didn't disappoint! From new artwork to life with littles (and some BIG EXCITING NEWS THIS SPRING - no, we're not pregnant, moving, or lottery winners), we celebrated a wonderful start to the new year.



Oh, Rifle Paper Co., you made an Alice's Adventures in Wonderland calendar? I have to have it.

The illustrations are gorgeous (as expected) and I can't wait to use them as art for Alice's room next year! Find it here.

project wishlist 2015 to 2016

Lots done, lots to do!

Alice the Engineer

Still enjoying the wooden rainbow set Aunt Lynnie gave us for Christmas!

jalapeno cheddar loaf

My mister is the bees knees at making bread. In all objectivity, his loaves rival and beat the local bakery - hands down.

The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide

I've been a long-time follower and consumer of KM and when I saw their new book I knew it would be the perfect thing to please my difficult-to-delight/surprise husband for Christmas. It's proven to be a handy little book! (Complimentary color scheme - couldn't help myself.)

foyer + gray

Sprucing up the entryway. Post to come!

Mama the Painter & the Royal Koala

Frames + White | A Makeover

Black frames turn white and a calendar turns into artwork. post here

Watercolor + Frames | A Makeover

Watercolor calendar and thrift store frames. (post here)

Alice the Illustrator

Sunlight and sketching. (post here)

painting + coffee + light

A trio of chiaroscuro and lines. (post here)

Alice in Shadow

Streaming sunshine and a glorious stretch. (post here)


I could have edited that bump out, but this is the reality of living with a pint-sized climbing maniac. Always accessorized with rug-burns, bruises, and scratches!

boys being boys

Curious Alice

Do you see the subtle primary triadic color scheme??? Really can't help myself!

boot thief

This boy loves clomping around in other people's shoes.

Gray + Cable Knit

A mini photoshoot for Gramma Jo's birthday :)

Milo the Climber

Jungle & Sea

A trip to the zoo with two! Post to come. Goodbye, January, hello, February!

(Spring is getting closer :D Eeek! Stay tuned for news of our changes!!)

Flippers + Feathers + Fur

Flippers + Feathers + Fur

Alice in Shadow

Alice in Shadow