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June & July | 2016

June & July | 2016

"Outside, the Ingleside lawn was full of golden pools of sunshine and plots of alluring shadows."

- L.M. Montgomery, Rilla of Ingleside

What a marvelous summer we've been having! The sun keeps us in a fair amount, but there are plenty of days spent at the zoo and out picking strawberries and raspberries. We found some garage sale scores, made an indoor picnic, celebrated birthdays, enjoyed cousin time, and went on a mini family vacation. How is it August? Enjoy a glimpse into our summer...

Story time fun! (full post here)

Alice the Wildflower (full post here)

These two created a makeshift picnic with their step stools in the dining room. So cute!

The Halls at Home (full post here)

Alice the Maker (full post here)

Berry picking (full post here)

afternoon cuddles

Behind the scenes shenanigans with Alice & Milo + giant pink balloons. Photos by Elena, balloons from this fun shoot!

bahahahaaaa!!! These two just lay down anywhere, no matter how uncomfortable. Such funny little people!

Playing on the stump (full post here)

A thoughtful gift from our neighbors down the street

Cosmos from Beka. I've been telling Alice they make magic fairy dust :)

New perfume from Anthropologie for my birthday - Love, Me!

Garage sale pirate costume!

Cut off the jagged edges, de-pilled the pants and will put a new emblem over the skull and cross bones to make a respectable officer's costume.

Had to do some mending to Alice's Cinderella costume. She wears it so much!


Daddy gave Alice a new motorized Thomas for her birthday and it has made our train adventures so much more thrilling!

A mega block construction by Daddy. He's been making them for the kids to find in the morning. Full post on this one to come!

My hostess gift from a friend. Aren't they beautiful?!

Hide & seek. Our ginger is terribly sneaky ;) Full post here!

My new butter bell! Sam & Angela, we got one!!!

 a basket of goodies from our neighbors...isn't community the best?

A note from Sonnet James

Love my new Sonnet James baseball sleeve dresses! So comfortable and cute. I may be going on a year-long clothes spending fast so I went ahead and got my fall/winter wardrobe ordered and ready. (They sell out almost as soon as they release their new lines, so I made sure not to wait around and miss out again!)

Cousin time! Acadia, what are you doing in that drawer? It's not a drawer, it's a canoe! (Please read Not a Box)


Three little monkeys sitting on a swing...

To Alice the Four Year Old (full post here)

Invitations on exquisite Italian stationary to summon our tiny guests

Alice's Birthday Tea Party! (full post here)

Birthday gifts - by no means all!

The Birthday Girl on her Big Day! (Yes, she dressed herself. She is four after all...) Full post on our date to come.

Root beer birthday party with family the day of Alice's birthday.

More sweet birthday gifts: books, jewelry, art, and her first big girl bike!

An Alicorn & rider - Alice loves, loves, loves Tegu blocks!

Birthday poppers!

More wild cosmos from Beka. LOVED this arrangement - so wild and and free!

A mini family vacation to Cuthills Vineyard, Black Cow Fat Pig, pool time at HI Express, and fossil digging at Ash Falls. Full post to come!


these two :D

Happy Summer!

A Birthday Tutu

A Birthday Tutu

Milo the Hidden

Milo the Hidden