Kid's Room | A Makeover

Milo & Alice are sharing a room! I have so many fond memories of sharing a room with my sister and we've been excited to pair them up for awhile now.

For Christmas, Gramma Jo & Papa Bear bought them a brand new bunk bed and mattress and I could just squeal over how wonderful they are - beautiful, comfortable and sturdy. Thanks, Mom & Dad! I love laying next to them for story time and snuggles.

We had originally done a lot of work to this room a few years ago when Alice turned two (full post here) but with the addition of another quilt (see the one Gramma Alice made for Milo here!) and a new gallery wall of art, the walls desperately needed to become a neutral palette for the onslaught of color coming. Having done a few renovations in the last couple of years, I've been itching to spackle the trim - a detail I neglected the first time. What a difference it makes! Gaps and holes of any sort now practically glare at me until I fill them in. (I use this.)

After filling and smoothing, I painted the trim with one more coat of my all-time favorite Benjamin Moore ADVANCE in white satin before painting the walls in "Decorator's White" with a semi-gloss finish. Kids live here, people. Gotta be able to wipe those walls down. Boogers and scuffs are inevitable and goodness knows what else.

We swapped furniture from the nursery and then I went on the hunt for thrifted frames for a new gallery wall. I've been gathering artwork, prints and cards for the last year and couldn't wait to give them a home so we could enjoy them. Most are Rifle Paper Co., some are from the gift shop at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, some are gifts from friends and family, and some (along with a few sheets of wrapping paper I used for backgrounds) are from a darling new paper shop in Ashland, NE called Postscript (full feature on them to come!). 

It took a lot of prying, placing and deciding, but I love this new little collection of fun for their walls!

Enjoy some B&A photos of our new artwork and kid's room...