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KINDRED STORY | A New Beginning

KINDRED STORY | A New Beginning

"Well, that was life. Gladness and pain...hope and fear...and change. Always change! You could not help it. You had to let the old go and take the new to your heart...learn to love it and then let it go in turn. Spring, lovely as it was, must yield to summer and summer lose itself in autumn..."

- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Ingleside

Hello there friends, family, and readers! - or better yet, those I'd call "kindred" - it is with the most delectable pleasure that I get to share with you a new beginning and space for our tiny adventures. Fresh, "with no mistakes in it." :)

"Kindred" is a phrase long used by a certain red-headed heroine of mine, and it's the story of my own sweet family I aim to tell. Whether puddle jumping, spring searching, or just plain capturing faces, this is our little life and we celebrate it.

As always, I hope you enjoy the clean layout, adorable photos, and relevant content.

Stay tuned for the whereabouts of SIFTED! It is now freed up for even greater things...

Much love,

Milo the Leprechaun

Milo the Leprechaun

Milo in Stripes