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May | 2016

May | 2016

"'Then I'd pinch myself to see if it was real - until suddenly I remembered that even supposing it was only a dream I'd better go on dreaming as long as I could.'"

- L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

May really did feel like a dream at times, waking up amidst white sheets to the sound of church bells in Venice, or birdsong and waves crashing in Monterosso. Did we really eat the best tiramisu in the world four times in one day? Yes, yes we did :)

My May is late, mostly due to this grand dream becoming reality, and also because my days are peppered with photoshoots, none of which you will find me complaining about. Life is grand and full around here, and we are bursting at the seams with flower love and days with friends.

Italy photos and posts galore to come, so stay tuned!


Last fall I planted these fairy bulbs and was greeted with their waving magic wands this spring.

rain drops on tulips


JD has propagated five rose bushes from the one that was here when we moved in and this year they are the fullest we've seen yet.

The Ella Dress & The Audrey Dress

Full post here.


As we were leaving for Italy, my peonies had just begun to bloom and I lamented over missing their once-a-year beauty. I invited my friends to come while we were gone and make bouquets for themselves and loved ones so they could at least be enjoyed by someone other than our driveway. When we returned, there was still one whole row about to bloom so I got to breathe them in after all! I made half a dozen arrangements and their heady scent mingled perfectly with a flat of nectarines we brought home from the grocery store. I just adore this time of year!


Having rocking chairs on the front porch feels so luxurious. I love relaxing while the kids play in the grass or clamber on top of me to sway in the sun. Someday when we save the money, I'd love to fill out the front porch to make it a little cozier, but for now I will be more than content with my rockers.

Mother's Day

Love these Littles of mine. (Isn't Milo so dapper in his new summer hat?! He gets to wear Alice's old saltwater sandals and they are just as darling on him.)

Doodles from my loves

Voting: check!


I cannot wait to share more about our 10 day adventure away! No kids, 8 hours of straight sleep, no diapers, no feeding anyone but ourselves...*sigh.* When can we go back? Oh, and Italy itself was DELECTABLE. A feast for the eyes and the appetite :)

Italian children's books

We didn't buy much since space was tight (one backpack and a carry-on each!) but we did make room for some treasures for the kids. Full posts on traveling and shopping light to come!

It felt awfully good to wrap my arms around my littles again :)

Milo wanders where the wild things live.

Another great trip to the zoo! SO glad we got a pass this year. Full post on Milo the Wild Thing to come.

Hope you are enjoying your fresh summer!

Alice & the Apron

Alice & the Apron

Uniform No. 2 | Three Skirts + Three Summers

Uniform No. 2 | Three Skirts + Three Summers