Milo the Wild Thing

One sunny Tuesday in May, I packed up The Littles and headed down to the zoo where we met up with The Mister and his mentee from Teammates for a big end-of-the-year celebration. After the bus of junior high kids packed up to head back to school, Daddy and Alice went to see a 3D Galapagos documentary at the IMAX while Milo and I explored the jungle & aquarium. 

When I wasn't lunging to save him from his many foiled attempts at petting sting rays in the un-barricaded pond, I was catching moments of him roving free-range through the foliage and dirt, or in awe of diving penguins and howling monkeys. 

Here's a small glimpse of Milo in his domain - with the wild things.

(Side note: I am in love with the new Blissful Maven presets...absolutely stunning Moody, artistic, striking - perfect. Can't recommend them enough for any fellow photogs out there.)