Milo | Year III

Hi there, sweet boy. You were born in November and somehow it's January as I finally get around to going through photos from your big day. I didn't take many, but I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to have these little moments to hold. When I look at them and see your orange curls and happy countenance I can imagine a teenage you sitting at the table, tucking into seconds and bantering about. One of my favorite times of the day is laying down with you in the afternoon to read and snuggle. "Mama, would you cuddle with me?" you ask with those baby blues. You reach out to touch my hair and face, telling me how soft I am. Mama Tiger - the love of your toddler life - is usually under your arm. Any talk of boogers or bottoms sends you into peals of delighted mirth. You adore your sister and playmate, showing her your affection with attention, rough housing and claiming her toys. You have the biggest helping heart. If daddy is working outside, you are right behind him ready to shovel/rake/plant and if I am cooking, you are apron-clad next to me on a stool stirring a pot. Son, I love you. You make me happy to be alive.


p.s. someday I will bake you a cake, but in the meantime let's praise Jesus for Jim & Connie's bakery and the best donuts this side of heaven. Happy THIRD Birthday!