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She Chose Him

Today I got to experience what is quite possibly the best feeling in the world: Alice chose Jesus.

But let me share a little back story. For the last year or so, Alice and I have a running, open dialogue about God, good and bad, where babies come from, bugs, the universe...everything - I know, heavy stuff for a toddler. But you guys, she gets it. Yes, these are big questions, but I give her information she will understand as a kid and have endeavored to fully answer every question she throws my way, whether it be factual, theological, or existential. I am a firm believer in never dismissing a child's curiosity, especially a voracious desire to understand the world like Alice's. I want to be the one who gets to teach her not just facts and figures, but the "why" behind things. The value. We've been talking about who God is for a long time now and she understands that we are rebels in a broken world. She knows who Jesus is, what He did for us, why it matters to her, why other people need Him, and what He is doing right now. She knows all about heaven and the hope we have to look forward to. But even though I have given her all of this information, it still takes that precious moment where head knowledge transforms into heart knowledge.

In the car on our way to Omaha from Bible Study Fellowship today, we had this conversation:

Alice: "Jesus is in the clouds."
Me: "Hmmm. Well, actually, Jesus is in heaven building us a new home and getting everything ready."
Alice: "Jesus is coming in the clouds."

It is eerie to hear such prophetic yet simple truth being spoken by a child. That was my light bulb moment. Alice was talking about what we've been learning in Revelation at BSF. The teachers there give an amazing and age-appropriate version of scripture that parallels what we adults discuss and learn every week...and lately we have focused on the fact the Jesus is God - and He is coming back.

Me: "Yes! Jesus is coming back and He will come through the clouds! You're right!"

A moment of quiet while Alice smiles. I can see it in the rear view mirror.

Me: "Jesus can come any moment. We are so excited for him to come back for us! When He comes back, anyone who has chosen Him gets to be with him forever. They get to be with Him in heaven. That's why it is important to choose him. And it's a choice - He'll never force Himself on you. He wants it to be real love. If we ask Jesus to be our Savior, He will save us from a forever without Him and will live in us. Did you know God is everywhere, and He actually lives inside of you if you ask Him to?"


A few seconds later, softly, as if she was talking to someone next to her:

"Jesus, would you be my Savior? Jesus, would you live inside my heart?"

My own heart just about burst with joy. My girl, my Alice, my little charge was choosing Jesus.

Trying not to cry (still driving!) I beamed and told her how happy it made me that she would be with me and her daddy and Jesus forever.

Alice: "But what about Milo?"
Me: "Milo will need to choose someday, too, like you. That's why it is important for us to tell him all about Jesus. And that's also why it's important to tell everyone else about Jesus, too. Not everyone knows they are broken and separated from God. Not everyone knows they need saving. Not everyone knows that Jesus loves them so much He died for them. That it doesn't matter how bad they've been. He still wants them and loves them."
Alice: "Oh."

Another quiet pause.

Alice: "What's for lunch?"

Hahaha. Oh, Alice.

I started doubting at that moment that her choice was real. Lunch? After all that?? I mean, how valid is the choice of a three year old in the light of eternity??? Incredibly, actually.

A couple of hours later - with full bellies - we visited my cousin Andrea and her new baby, and while we walked to the park, Alice looked at Andrea and said, "Do you know Jesus?"

Oh, Alice! You do know!! Was it not Jesus who asked us to come to him like "the least of these" - the little children? Their faith is so much more powerful than we realize as adults. They are not yet clouded with cynicism, hurt, disappointment, and defeat. For her, Jesus is God and He made a way for her to be with Him forever and she took it. She chose Him.

God, thank you so much for making the bridge back to us, even when we burned it down and are still trying to destroy it. Thank you for being so powerful that nothing could stop your love for us. Thank you that you wove us together so that Alice would come to know you. I know her life won't be easy, but it will be infinitely more beautiful because you are at the loom. Thank you that I can know that she is sealed and can never be torn from your grasp. Thank you for the assurance that after this life, I will be with her forever on the other side of eternity with You. What joy you give a mother's soul! Help us to bring that same joy to other people as we share your great love with those we meet. And help me to be more like You so that Alice sees You more clearly and loves You more dearly. 

Thank you, thank you, from the very depth of my soul.

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