Spring | 2017

There are a thousand thousand reasons to love this life, everyone one of them sufficient.
— Marilynne Robinson, Gilead

Every little thing is such a delight in Spring, each day unfolding new signs of life and tiny joys. We gloried in golden light, lilacs persuading us to stay awhile and linger. We read a great many books in the sunshine. Milo got a hair cut (sob!). We went to the Joslyn. We began a new adventure in nature journaling. Anemones, tulips, and muscari adorned our porch. A few new things came to live with us at Easter (a baby Jellycat bunny for Milo, some Ostheimer rabbits for Alice, a book by our favorite illustrator, and some kitty tipped sunnies for our sassafras).

Books. Coffee. Flowers. Building. Friends. Gardening. The tenor of our life :)

Enjoy a glimpse of the last few months at la Casa de Hall...