Story Time

Books and coffee are our family past-times and reading stories to the kids after lunch is easily one of my new favorite parts of the day. We cozy up with pillows and blankets or cushions from the couch relocated to a new fort and settle in with a stack of adventures for half an hour of world-hopping. 

Not only is it gratifying for me to put all those British accents to use, but I also get to rest. My eyes aren't closed and I'm not catching zzzs, but I do take a break from house-keeping and editing/writing. I get to read and relax, lay and be with the kids in a way that doesn't happen when we sit down for meals or tidy up. And very often the magic of story time ends by dissolving into a raucous tickle fight accompanied by deep belly laughs and smooshed faces.

We've always loved books, but making time to actually read them with the littles has brightened my days and given us a chance to connect more closely with cuddles and words. I know this isn't revelatory to most, but since we've been home from Italy, it's something of a new routine we've embraced and we're happily loving every moment of it.

What small things do you do with your littles that brings you joy?

(Photos by Elena Ogle)