The Zoo

Last month we saved up and bought a zoo pass! With our new card of fun, we embarked on a glorious adventure to our beloved zoo to meet up with friends for each of us: Sarah, Annabeth, and Luke! The day was beautifully sunny and full of flowery fragrance...and animal poop. Ahhh, the odors of our furry friends :) It wouldn't be the zoo without its particular aromas.

Before we arrived, we stopped to pick up our new double stroller that we bought used from a friend's neighbor and were able to stroll with considerably more comfort! Alice had been walking the length of the zoo prior to this and it gets to be too much even for her long legs and abundant energy. 

We met at the lion statues for a little climbing fun and then wandered down to greet the new elephants, enjoyed a picnic lunch with some hovering guests of the feathered variety, and hit up the aquarium before saying goodbye to our pals. Then Alice, Milo and I wound down the afternoon with two IMAX movies (Milo nursed and slept while we watched the National Parks and Galapagos - thank you, Small Son!) while Alice soaked up every bit of information and then we wandered around the jungle. 

By that time we were ready for a coffee break and daddy time so we headed over to Mug Life for an afternoon treat. But that's another post.

Enjoy a snippet of our day!