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Number v. Intent | This is Not a Race

Number v. Intent | This is Not a Race

By now, you've all heard of those crazy people - the ones who own a minuscule amount of things. The ones who proudly fit their thousand kids in a tiny house. The ones who are too busy getting rid of things to actually enjoy what they keep. While minimalism brings joy, some get obsessed and let it rob them of the very thing it gives.

In Allie Casazza's recent post about this topic (find it here) she addressed anyone dipping their toes into the magic of minimalism:

Sure, some people do really well with numbers and just want a little guidance with what works, but there’s a big difference between guidelines and obsession.

There are people who pride themselves on living with less than one hundred things.

That’s great and I’m happy you’ve freed yourself from consumerism, but I can’t help but wonder why you feel the need to wear it like a badge, pointing a big red arrow to the number of things you own.

I can’t help but feel you may have missed out on the freedom aspect and chained yourself to your things with a fresh pair of handcuffs.

This isn’t a spartan race where the most hardcore wins.

Truth. It's not about the numbers. It's not about winning. It's not about recognition.

It's about intent and living the life you want. 

Another great sentiment from Allie: "Who cares how many you have… why do you have it?" 

If numbers give you freedom as a guideline, then by all means, embrace counting! But as I've said before, you need to know why you need something (full post here). Know what you want in life and why, and let minimalism be the how.  No one is going to grade you or give you a sticker for your possession count. The only reward you get is that of enjoying your life, and you are the one in charge there. 

Ready to ditch the score board?

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