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Uniform No. 3 | Three Dresses + One Winter

Uniform No. 3 | Three Dresses + One Winter

It's that time again! Let's talk wardrobe - my absolute very favorite of all topics. Over the last few years in our minimalist life, I've relished the challenge of wearing a uniform - or capsule - and have fully enjoyed the benefits. Fewer decisions, less time/energy/stress/money wasted, more peace and confidence. I am so much happier with less!

You've seen my minimalist maternity uniform, postpartum uniform, last winter's uniform, and my famous skirt for the summer uniform, and I'm not stopping there!

This winter, I'm wearing three of the same dress from my new favorite dressmaker, Sonnet James. Their dresses are playful, comfortable, and flattering. (Not to mention machine-washable...holla, Mama.) 

These particular Reese dresses are of a thicker knit fabric that keep their shape all week long and the color is as good as the day I bought them. They look great on outings to the grocery store, play dates, days at home and even night-time events when matched with upscale accessories. Dress them up or dress them down, these dresses see me all around!

And you guys: LAUNDRY TAKES ONE HOUR A WEEK. A single dress is the only thing aside from unmentionables that get washed of mine. !!! Who doesn't love that?! 


Photos via Sonnet James


Now, I am not nearly as svelte as that lovely lady, but I love that even though I'm rockin' some serious curves, these dresses still suit my shape. (And I know, I am not a model, but when you have a photographer for a friend, sometimes you just have to get gussied up to play :D)

Here's to the Size 8-10s!


What do you think? Could you wear a handful of things for the season and still be happy and confident? What would you do with hours of your life back if not doing laundry and deciding on outfits? Dream, my friend! 

Cheers to living the sifted life...


Photos by Elena Ogle



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