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Uniform No. 1 | Three Dresses, One Winter

Uniform No. 1 | Three Dresses, One Winter

At The SIFTED Life, it is my biggest hope to share with you how we actually live the sifted life, and one of my favorite topics is this: wardrobe. Dressing for us in this country of bounty is not simply about clothing ourselves, but expressing ourselves. With our surplus, though, we tend to overrun our closets with the weight of added decisions and stress, along with old memories and the guilt of purchases. Enough! More does not equal happy. In fact, I have found quite the opposite. Less = full and happy. 

For the last few years, I have given myself permission to wear a uniform - a few things each season that I feel good in, look great in, and suits my lifestyle. And what freedom I have found in having limits!

By now, the benefits of creating a capsule for your attire are well-known (fewer decisions = less decision fatigue, less time and energy wasted, less stress and expense, more peace and confidence), but it amazes me anew every time I grab one of the few dresses hanging in my closet what a joy it is to have less. While I spend a better amount of time up front carefully choosing the item I will purchase, I save so much time and insecurity in the long run by knowing exactly what I will wear and never second-guessing my appearance. Can I get an Amen?

Now that Spring is on it's merry way, I want to share with you the contentment I experienced this past winter in creating a uniform: black and grey henley dresses from GAP.


They're no longer available on-line, so I am extra glad I ordered two! When I was planning what I wanted to wear last fall, I began to weigh all factors in the equation: dark color palette, comfortable, machine-washable, nursing accessible, flattering, etc. Then my mom bought me this henley as part of our new Christmas Pajama Tradition and I thought if only I could wear something just like this, but longer to cover my derriere. Eureka! A henley dress was the answer. Even though they are technically pajamas, they are perfect. Ordering online always poses a risk, but the size I ordered fits close to the skin and looks cool and casual.  For five months I have worn these two dresses with leggings and boots and been cozily pleased with my soft, simple attire. 

On the occasion that I attend a nicer outing which might require something a bit more pulled together, I don my ever-ready, always-pretty blue Ann Taylor wrap dress - an invaluable Scout find I've treasured for the last few years as my shape has vacillated. (Wrap dresses are The Bees Knees.)

Now that I can be free to dress confidently and quickly, why would I ever go back? Life is so much fuller and happier with less!

Can't wait to finish crafting my Spring wardrobe capsule to share...cheers to choosing happy!

A snippet of me enjoying a few of my winter frocks...

(If you're curvy and you know it clap your hands...CLAP CLAP!)

What few things (even half a dozen if less than a handful is too extreme for you) can you pare down to for the season? Grab a girlfriend and a bottle of wine and have a fashion show for an evening! Sift it down to just the outfits that you absolutely love on you for the Spring. I can't wait for you to enjoy this level of contentment! And do tell when you experience joy!! Feel free to share photos or stories in the comments :)

Ready, set, sift!

(Monumental thanks to Elena for documenting and Rebekah for the emergency nail painting session)

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