Last year for preschool I decided to save a trip and a few dollars by making our valentines from scratch. (Note to self: it might be worth the $5 at Target to save yourself an hour.) Feeling creative and resourceful, I busted out my giant Arches watercolor block and made some fun splotches and splashes with Alice. We marveled as the colors swirled together, bleeding into turquoise feathers and clouds. 

Once dry time was up, we measured out a grid to make enough for her friends and cut them into rectangles. My little trooper studiously signed her name to each and we finished it off with a big gold heart via paint marker, turning this overly commercialized holiday into a chance for some art and ingenuity. 

(p.s. that foxy mailbox is my first Pinterest win!)

Dare we try again this year? I think so :) Happy Valentine's Day!