I'm Heather - lifestyle photographer & homeschooling mama. We choose simple and slow. Freedom and fresh air. And I like to make things beautiful.

Let’s be friends?

June | 2013


sugar snap peas & peonies to match the Japanese embroidered "Peony" Grandma Bev made

making Alice's 1st Birthday Party invitations

the tender little spot on the back of Alice's neck - perfect for nibbling

Alice's shoes on the coat rack

funnel cake at the carnival!

lilies in bloom

Alice & Mama shades

anniversary tattoos & flowers from the esposo

my birthday present to me: two silver lined tumblers on sale at William Sonoma - & they match a bowl I got at the thrift store for $2 last year!

wine, cheese, sea salt chocolate & a bosom friend to enjoy it with on a warm summer night

These are a few of my favorite things!

Thank you, God. You bless me abundantly and hold back nothing. Thank you. I love you.


One-Car Family