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Excerpt to Alice | 12.21.12

"Hooray! The world didn't end! It was supposed to today, according to the Mayan calendar, but you and I played inside, warm as bugs in rugs, blissfully unaware of our supposed apocalyptic doom. Two days ago we had a blizzard and drank hot chocolate. You're enjoying tummy time now, supporting yourself, propped up on sturdy elbows. You kick your legs like a fury threatening to crawl soon. I even found you flipped onto your tummy (not once, but twice!) the other night in your crib. Like a sufficient little turtle no longer confined to the upside down shell.

You squeal something fierce now and are quick to let us know of your happiness - and your displeasure. You like being soundly in my arms at all times, like a baby koala bear. You're fascinated when I kiss you on your sweet, little, wet, parted lips. You'll be kicking and flailing up a storm, and then I'll bend my face close to yours, and you go quite still, waiting for my kiss. Then I give it and you smile, wiggle, pause, and wait for another.

You reach and grab and are no longer content with the one-foot radius world around you. You see and want and get frustrated because you can't get it for yourself.

Just now you are fidgeting on my lap, grasping this journal with your growing hands and dancing feet.

Yesterday we went to Fremont for Baby Bump Askins' baby shower and you were such a ham! Certainly trying to be the center of attention. You graced everyone with genuine crinkle-nose smiles and loud exclamations of your joy. I was one proud mama.

Last week you began eating rice cereal. We acclimated you to the spoon first, letting you play with it, gnaw on it, and bang it around. When the big moment came, you ended up with one soggy bib and maybe a tablespoon or two of cereal in your tummy, but I'd call it a success! Daddy likes being able to feed you now. Last night you ate your whole bowl, and consequently woke up one time less than usual, so we're at a marvelous 3 midnight feedings :D You're going through a growth spurt and eat all the time. I'm managing on interrupted sleep for now but don't think I'll be able to do it forever.

I love the stage you're at. It keeps getting better. And I can't get over how much we love you. This much and more! (I'm stretching out my arms wide)


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