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Alice's Birthday Party No. 3 | Bubbles, Brunch, & Bouncing

Another party (or two) is in the books! 

Last Friday night, we invited family to celebrate Alice's birthday and it was quite a crowd! I made  Irish Whiskey Espresso Brownies and Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread and served them along with ice cream and toppings. My Aunt Brenda sewed Alice a party dress and kitty ears (so stinkin' cute). We opened presents and laughed and chatted til everyone had their fill and headed home. We are so blessed to live close to so much of our family. Food, love, friends, and family...that's all you need, right?

Saturday, we hosted a party for Alice and all of her/our friends. I think we have figured out our style - good food and good company. No decorations, just a clean, spacious home and a table laden with brunch. The theme? Alice. 

For fun, we borrowed our little friend's bounce house again (thank you, Libby!) and the night before my mom had given Alice a bubble gun. The kids ran around the back yard and played to their heart's content, jumping and shrieking, chasing and blowing.

Here's a peak into the magic...

fruit, Cheesy ham and hash brown casserole, brownies, zucchini bread, and Strawberry Buttercream Cupcakes 
(THE BEST CUPCAKES EVER. Thank you, Martha, as always.)

milk and vietnamese iced coffee
JD was in charge of drinks :)
(In other news, I've lost 50 pounds! Back in the land of pre-pregnancy weight. It took 8 months instead of 6 this time, but I'm finally there!)

birthday Alice in her new dress and kitty ears
Aunt Brenda was so fun and let me pick out fabric, buttons, and the pattern. I can't use a sewing machine to save my life, but I can envision what a cute dress would look like! Thank you, Aunt Brenda - it is really the sweetest dress in the world and I might have to frame it when she grows out of it. The pan collar and kitty ears just about do me in. And thank you, Gramma Alice, for the sweet little bracelet the night before!

tucking in

Alice & Quinn

pre-present hug and kiss

bounce house!

pure joy

Master Milo
"I'm here, too!"
Thanks for his cute little outfit, Godmommy!

these faces
I love these faces.

Anna's turn

Alice's turn

Jack's turn

Caught right as Alice popped the bubble.
Love this sequence of 4 photos :)

Anna & Alice
Future bffs.
These two refused to look at the camera and smile nicely! Stinkers.
By the way, thank you Libby for Alice's "new" vintage necklace. It is so beautiful and I might have to borrow it from her once in a while :)

Jack & Alice
Future bf/gf
I'm keeping this for your wedding day, kids.

Jack's thoughts: I'm just going along with her shenanigans because she's cute. And I'm her friend. And I might secretly be having fun, too.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Alice!
You are so loved.

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