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A Trip to the Zoo | Round No. 2

A couple of weeks ago, my lovely friend Nichole and her son Karsten invited us for a ramble around the zoo - how could we say no? She even brought a double stroller for us to use! (It was the Rolls-Royce of strollers, let me tell you. I've been spoiled for all others.) After packing up our mini-wheeled vehicles, we hit up our favorite spot first...the aquarium.

They sure keep it cool in there!  Here are a few of the kids in awe of penguins gliding through the water like little tuxedoed-torpedos.

Milo's expression and body language and Karsten's clenched fist and watchful eye make them look like baby superheros poised for action.






I couldn't stop remembering this little Alice 2 years ago already...

kindred spirits
I never realized Alice's fondness for ears has been her whole life!

stroller buddies

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Nichole & Karsten

happy Milo
Good thing mama packed extra clothes for each of these littles - never know when you're going to encounter an impromptu fountain fiasco!!!


That face pretty much sums up another awesome adventure to our beloved zoo.

Thanks again, Nichole, for inviting us to join you!

An October Adventure | Lincoln Children's Museum

Milo the Coffee Thief