Milo's 2nd Birthday

With being the second child and having a mommy photographer whose busy season overlaps his birthday, poor Milo doesn't stand a chance! There's a blog post coming on closing out his second year, but here is a little glimpse into the magic of his beautiful birthday...

"The tale of your second birthday begins with dawn, which is when you like to wake up. It was warm and sunny and fair. Daddy made pancakes and took you to the park. You played outside so much that you smelled like a lumberjack so I gave you a midday bath after lunch to make you extra clean and cozy for naptime - and it worked! You slept for three and a half hours and were a complete gem when you decided to join your party. It was well underway by the time you came back from dreamland and you were in perfectly restored spirits for the festivities.

I carried you down to a house full of friends and family - littles playing outside, great grandparents sitting and talking in the living room, the table laden with hard-won deep-fried pecan pies and caramel potato chip fudge (long story short, I ruined the first batch, shattered my favorite cup on the dough, had to rush to the store for new dough, nothing was ready, your godmommy saved me...whew!). You blew out a candle after we sang you Happy Birthday and the sun streamed through the windows, blessing us all. Presents. Laughing. Alice & Zia palled around. You & Eli took turns chauffeuring each other around on the tricycle outside. 

You are awfully loved, Small Son. WE are awfully loved.

After friends and Papas and Grammas trickled out, Gramma Jo, Papa Bear, and Aunt Lynnie arrived for birthday pizza, along with Beka. You strummed your new "kaylee" (ukulele) that daddy and I got you - you've been stealing our guitar for ages and we finally saw fit to get you your very own. You and Papa played with that motorized Thomas a lot. Or was that Halloween? I forget already - they blend together so quickly! But that just means that people who love you are always here, filling your life with love and memories.

Happy Second Birthday, Milo!

I love love love love love you...


Thank you friends & family for the lovies, plane, blocks, books, and backpack! We adore them all :)