Thanksgiving with The Halls

Thanksgiving almost didn't happen this year! Stomach bugs had threatened to derail our plans to see our family in Ogallala, but we recovered just in time and made the trek out west to visit Grandma Linda and Papa Bruce. Cousin Acadia was even there and it was so fun to see our littles growing and interacting...sometimes snatching and antagonizing, but interacting nonetheless.

Grandma runs an in-home daycare so it was the motherload of toy jackpots! We ate and played and visited. Close to dinnertime, we bundled up for a short playtime outside and tried to corral our squirmy crew for a quick cousin photo. No luck Grandma Linda - this was the best we could do. 

Bruce cooked the best turkey I've ever eaten in my life (green egg!) and all the fixings were there. And the pie. The pie. !!!!!! Pecan pie and cherry pie. Our Grecian neighbors had bartered a mini photoshoot for baklava (I ♥ trading) which we brought along, so our sweet teeth were more than happy.

For breakfast the next day we were treated to Bruce's famous breakfast burritos and then Alice (& even Milo sneaked in on the fun - and insisted on kissing every ornament) got to decorate the Disney tree with Grandma Linda - a very special and first-time honor. Alice's decorating style is...well...developing. Bottom-heavy, spatially-challenged. Nothing Grandma Linda can't fix as soon as we're gone ;)

Because eating is just what we do in Ogallala, we rounded out our time there with Thanksgiving leftovers and then packed to make the journey home. It was a quick trip, but I'm so glad we got to make it!

Happy Thanksgiving, Hall Family! We sure do love you!!