Playhouse + Pals

Before Christmas rolled around, my mom had asked if there was anything we thought the kids would like. While we have everything we really need, Alice and Milo love playing with the doll house at the chiropractor - always bouncing little people around from one level to the next, acting out skits and stories.

With that in mind, I searched the far reaches of The Internet to find just the ticket - something easy for the kids to share (multiple sides to play on), clever, and beautiful. Vintage Victorian kits abounded as well as brightly-colored plastic things that looked fun...and visually loud. Some required tools and glue and others were just ugly. Three hours of combing brought me to Windmill Toys, a darling shop from Kiev, Ukraine making their wares available on Etsy. Olga makes wooden modular constructions that are easy to assemble, clever in design and blend perfectly into any home - win win win!!! This one even came with furniture - a bed, lamp, three chairs, a table, fireplace, and two ladders. The balcony is such a sweet addition and the steps leading up to the house make it grand. I think my favorite feature is the open rooftop :)

Olga, we love our Windmill Toys Playhouse! Thank you for making such an excellent and ingenious construction that my Littles adore and imagine in. I love seeing them pretend and act and create. We even love the little wooden box everything came in and use it for storing other toys!

Friends, what are your favorite creative toys or activities? What occupies the imaginations of your littles for hours on end? I want to know!

Now you'll have to excuse me...I have a tea party with a hedge hog, a ginger boy, and a fox to attend. 

(Our favorite new wooden Ostheimer creatures from Antje at ideenreichBerlin! Full post to come...) 

Thank you, Gramma Jo, for our favorite new toy!