Puddles are made for children, 
Who wearing their wellie boots, 
May splish, and splash, fuddle and muddle, 
Without ever caring two hoots.
Run through, step over, jump in, or stand, 
The fun never ceases to be.
Puddles are made for Children, 
Children are made to be free. 

-Don Dickenson

A land of ice inevitably leads to a land of puddles...which means boots and hops and sublimely soaked everything! Milo awoke from a very long nap (as evidenced by his matted fiery curls) just in time for a sunset exploration of our tiny corner of the world. The pair of them explored anything mother nature offered us. Milo spotted planes and puppy friends with delight. Alice gathered leaves and acorns to reverently lay like little shrines in our neighbor's yards - gifts from a fairy girl. 

Milo was the only one my camera could catch most of the time - he's pretty cute though, so I won't complain. The two of them splashed with enthusiasm til their pants and laces were drenched, and then they happily rambled inside to dry off. 

Is it Spring yet?

Love these gloriously ordinary little moments of ours :)

Coats, boots, & pants from GAP