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April | 2016

April | 2016

"Anne sighed, dragging her eyes from the witcheries of the spring world, the beckoning day of breeze and blue, and the green things upspringing in the garden."

-Anne of Green Gables, L.M. Montgomery

My great love of Anne the Romantic Heart and Miss Lucy's powerful wordsmithing always bring me back to this quote, epitomizing spring. Something about it just resonates with me, so here it is again accompanied by our unfurling photos. April was a month of new eats, fresh flowers, play play play!, and kindred spirits from across the world.

Thank you, God, for all of the blossoms and bosom friends you see fit to bless us with. You are such a romantic :)

Our April in pictures...


Planted these last fall and completely forgot about them! 'Twas a pleasant surprise when they showed up this spring.

Turkish Delight

Beka brought some of these tasty treats from Crabtree & Evelyn to share for our weekly coffee/nail date. The rose and lemon morsels were amazing. And that box! I may have begged her for it when we finished...:)

Milo in Blue

Thank you, Papa Bear, for the butterfly cookie! Alice puts your coffee-allowance to good use ;)



The Mister made us some Saturday morning pancakes to start our weekend. Mmmmmm.

Lines and shapes and really is magic.

Alice picked me flowers so we let them float in a bowl since they couldn't stand in a cup :)

good eats

Homemade pizza and steak on our new table that The Mister built with reclaimed deck wood. It's been such a joy to eat outside!

Hi there, Captain Adorable

This boy - oh! He's just the cutest!!! That crooked smile. That swirl of hair. Can't get enough!!!

Stealing a slab of Daddy's steak. He knows what's good. And Alice knows what's funny.

sunshine & sidewalk chalk

(Post here)

A trip to the zoo!

(Post here.)

Post-zoo family coffee date at Mug Life

(Post here.)

Studious Alice working in a preschool work book. p.s. Tracing is hard.

But building farms and stables out of duplos is not!


bulb to bouquet

Tea time is extra sumptuous with these pretty petals.

"Mama" Margaret

Mama Margaret is an African missionary who came to stay with us while she and her team were passing through town as they continued their training in Colorado. We only got to have her for two meals and a night, but we are now family :) (Alice and Milo are her grandchildren and me and The Mister are her son and daughter.) Thank you, Mama Margaret, for sharing your life with us, your encouraging words, your kindred heart, and deep, deep roots in the Spirit. And God, thank you for orchestrating our paths to cross. You are perfect in your timing and giving.

that face! Oh, Milo, you steal my heart...

And p.s. wiggly grandbabies...they never look at the same time! 

Some favorite colors this Spring...

pixie-chic princess

Alice got her First Real Haircut! Full post here.

Sneak preview of Alice's new apron. $5 Junkstock score! I love vintage :) Post to come.

Fabric samples for my new dresses...


After to come!

a love note from my Lover

(Post here.)

My Favorite Magazine in the World!

lifestyle shoot

Dabbled in a stylized lifestyle shoot a few weeks ago and I think I may have found me new to come!

Thank you, God, for tulips and coffee and kindred spirits. I sure do love you.

The SIFTED | Bedroom

The SIFTED | Bedroom

Sunshine + Sidewalk Chalk

Sunshine + Sidewalk Chalk